The Dog Zone has 4 separate inside supervised areas that are connected to our 3 large outside play areas. Where many activities, parties, holidays and even an Easter egg hunt, take place throughout the year

We also offer a full Service Bathing Salon for our clients

Featuring Quadrabathe Animal Bathing System and Bark 2 Basics Shampoos


The Quadrabathe allows us to choose between four shampoos by simply positioning the  selector valve. The high-flow nozzle has been developed to have enough power to lift the coat and allow shampoo penetration while not causing any discomfort to the dog.                       


Bark-2-Basics products are made from only the finest natural ingredients.  These products contain no fillers, thickeners, harsh additives, oils, lanolins or silicones. Bark-2-Basics products clean thoroughly, and leave no residues to build-up and bind into coat.



The Dog Zone Deluxe Bath includes shampoo, rinse, blow dry, nail trim and ear cleaning